System for Ranking and Seeding for WUCC

System for Ranking and Seeding for WUCC

(See seedings)

1. Ranking List: (Done separately for each Division)
Step 1:
Use final standing of most recent WUCC to determine seeding for country spots
Step 2: for the European Region, all spots of European countries become European spots (not country dedicated). According to the most recent Regional Club Championships ( e.G. EUCF) these European Bids get assigned to each European County. (NB: PAUCC and AOUCC are not at a level where the same can be done for those regions)
Step 3: Fill in the remaining teams according to best knowledge.
Step 4: Each Country will rank their teams and the assigned spots of each country get replaced with the team names.


2. Seeding the pools.
Semi-random seeding will be used:
Step 1:
The top seed for each pool gets placed according to the ranking list.
Step 2:
Following a number of ‘n’ teams from the ranking list are thrown into a virtual urn, drawn randomly and placed into the next open spots.
2.1: For systems with up to 4 pools, ‘n’ is always equal to the number of pools (while enough teams remain)
2.2: For systems with more than 4 pools, ‘n’ is always a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 50% of the number of pools. (while enough teams remain)
2.3: If the urn holds several teams from one country, then the teams form this country must always be placed in the order of the ranking ( i.e. if the lower team gets drawn first, it becomes automatically the higher team and vice versa)
2.4: If during seeding the pool already holds a team form the same country then within that bracket of one urn team drawn is moved up to two spots up or down to eliminate this situation. Here the following order of attempts is followed (one down, one up, two down, two up). If the situation can still not be solved then the situation remains.
Step 3: Repeat Steps 2ff until all teams have been seeded.

Participant Health Services Information at Worlds 2014


For participants residing in nations that are members of either the EU or EEA, as well as Switzerland, attached you can find information regarding health services and policies in Lecco. We highly recommend that all participants and players -especially coaches and team staff- review this information prior to your visit to Italy.

You can find all of this information here, in the Participant Health Information PDF file.

Be sure to contact the Worlds staff with any further questions. Less than one month until the tournament! Stay safe, have fun and best of luck in Lecco!

WFDF Releases Updated Ultimate Appendix


The WFDF has announced an update in the rules of Ultimate, effective June 1st, 2014. The newly updated rules will be in effect in the upcoming tournaments Lecco in July and August. We encourage all players to take a look at the Appendix and to be familiar with any changes that you may not be aware of.

The new appendix of rules, as well as a list of the changes that have been made, can be found in the “Eligibility and Rules” section.

The announcement of the rule change can be found here.

Discraft Ultrastar 175gr. to be the “official disc” at WUCC 2014

Discraft Partnership

WUCC 2014 is very pleased to announce a technical partnership with Discraft.

The tournaments will feature the Discraft Ultra-Star 175, celebrated for its greater performance and reliability. The Ultra-Star 175 is d”the Ultimate disc” that players all around the world love. “Discraft has proved itself as the leading brand of Ultimate discs and we are overjoyed to be using their products again this year. Our aim is to put players in the best possible conditions to express their abilities on the field, and we know that high-quality equipment will result in the best possible gameplay”.

The Worlds2014 staff is very thankful for another year of great partnership with Discraft. Our players deserve the absolute best equipment we can find, and the Ultra-Star 175 is just that.

For further information on this year’s discs, visit

Airport Pickup


Starting May 28th and until June 30th you will have the chance to reserve your airport pickup for WUCC.

Follow this link and complete the form.

A complete F.A.Q. session is there, be sure to read it carefully before filling the form.

If you have any doubt, feel free to email, we’ll be happy to help you.

Media Accreditation open for WJUC and WUCC 2014


The WJUC and WUCC 2014 TOC has just opened the Media Accreditation System for the WFDF 2014 events:

-       WFDF 2014 World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC), July 20-26, 2014

-       WFDF 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC), August 02-09, 2014

All representatives from domestic and international Press and Media, as well as Media representatives of National Federations have now the opportunity to apply for media accreditation for the WJUC and WUCC 2014.

The deadline for media accreditation applications will be:

-       July 10, 2014 (WJUC)

-       July 20, 2014 (WUCC)

All Media representatives are hereby informed that accreditation is obligatory to be allowed to enter into any event venue in a Media capacity.

The application forms for Media accreditation can be found here:

-       WJUC media application for accreditation (WFDF Media Accreditation Form 2014 WUCC)

-       WUCC media application for accreditation (WFDF Media Accreditation Form 2014 WJUC)

Accreditations are issued at WFDF`s/TOC`s discretion. Accreditations may be revoked and badges be withdrawn at any time and without any explanation. Applicants agree to these terms and conditions when applying for accreditation.

Upon registration at the venue Media representatives will be requested to sign a waiver of liability and acceptance of the Media guidelines.

For further questions please contact: .

WUCC Partners with UltiPhotos


To guarantee you the best and most amazing pictures of WUCC and WJUC, we are proud to announce our official partnership with UltiPhotos.

“UltiPhotos is excited to partner with Ultimatevents for WUCC and WJUC this year”, stated UltiPhotos founder and Director of Photography, Kevin Leclaire.  “These tournaments are the pinnacle of international Ultimate competition in 2014 and we are committed to helping them become the best produced world championships ever seen.  UltiPhotos is joining forces with world championships veteran Neil Gardner from to capture fantastic photo memories of the amazing Ultimate action and other wonderful moments to be found in Lecco, Italy.  We are looking forward to providing world-class event photography not only for the enjoyment of players, families, and fans, but also to showcase our great sport to the rest of the world.  As always, we’ll have some great team photography packages to provide interested teams a more personalized in-depth coverage experience.”

“We are incredibly excited to have this deal with UltiPhotos, they proved to be not only the best Ultimate photographers out there, but also the best organized to provide the services to the teams that the biggest World Championship ever held requires” stated Max Vitali, TOC president.

UltiPhotos will provide to the tournament and to the players a huge amount of amazingly high quality services:

·        Professional event photography across all divisions of the tournament by an experienced international crew of Ultimate photographers who have played the game and love this great sport

·        In-depth coverage of showcase and championship bracket games, including the semis and finals

·        Photo highlight galleries posted every evening of the tournament on Leggi il resto »

Final Team List – April 1°

Hello everybody, we are happy to announce the final list teams, 161 teams confirmed from 40 countries. This will be the biggest Ultimate World championship ever!

Mappa Squadre

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SKYD Magazine at WUCC

WUCC & skyd1

We are proud to announce our partnership with SKYD Magazine for the production of the live streamed games at WUCC and WJUC.

“Skyd Magazine is excited to provide one of ultimate’s most prestigious events with a professional level of streaming coverage that it deserves. This summer in Lecco, Skyd’s presentation will go above and beyond anything that ultimate has seen before.” Stated Elliot Trotter CEO and founder of SKYD Magazine.

Skyd Magazine just proved to share our same vision on how the sport should be broadcasted and what the players are expecting from the biggest world championships ever held. We are incredibly excited about the commitment that Elliot and his crew showed, and we are sure that they will provide you with the best coverage ever realized in an Ultimate competition, live broadcasting more than 45 games.

Third Round Team Allocation as per Waiting List


WFDF just released the third round team allocation as per wait list.

Third Round


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