WUCC 2014 Friday schedule


WUCC2014-Schedule-Version 7.3-FRIDAY

UPDATE: WUCC2014-Schedule-Version 7.4 – FRIDAY

(on the 11:00 slot at Field 30 one of the teams was wrong, our apologies)

WUCC 2014 Thursday schedule

WUCC2014-Schedule-Thursday-Version 6.1

WUCC 2014 Wednesday schedule

WUCC2014-Schedule-Wednesday.V 4.3

WUCC 2014 pools and results

To check game schedule and results, go to http://wucc2014.wfdf.org/



WUCC 2014 Tuesday schedule and field changes


WUCC 2014 Field Changes-Tuesday

WFDF Official announcement Sunday 3rd August

Official announcement -  WUCC 2014


Due to the heavy rainfall, all Sunday games have been cancelled. Mondays schedule will proceed without change, while Sunday´s cancelled games will be made up on Tuesday. Wednesdays schedule has yet to be determined, stay tuned for further notice. Check our facebook page for more information and updates.

WFDF Spirit Of The Game Conference

WFDF Spirit Of The Game Conference

(presented by RISE UP)

Monday, 4th August 2014, 18:00, BAR tent at the fields


If you want to know…

- What Spirit of the Game (SOTG) means in modern ultimate and its future (Official and players’ points of view)

- How to play on the highest level and still be the most spirited player and team (Useful tips)

- How to deal with players and teams that do not respect the SOTG

- Whether or not there are different SOTG values everywhere across continents (Spirit all over the world)

- Make peace not war! Ultimate Peace experience

- Q&A session.

And many more…


The emcee of the event – Ryan Purcell, the President of the WFDF Athlete’s Commission.


Our Topics and Speakers:


  • Spirit at the Top Level:

Tyler Kinley (USA)

Anna Rogacki (Australia)

Toly Vasilyev (Russia/Canada)

Mauricio Moore (Colombia)


  • Spirit at the Youth National Level:

Matt Hill (Australia)

George Stubbs (USA)

Mauricio Moore (Colombia)

Tasia Balding (Canada)


  • Spirit Around the world:

Marlise Ritcher (South Africa)

Claire Yeo (Singapore)

Alicia Lui (China)


  • Ultimate Peace:

Miranda Knowles (USA)

David Barkan (USA)

Dan Tapuach (Israel)


  • Women’s Ultimate:

Alyssa Weatherford (USA)

Kate Kingery (USA)


  • The WFDF Task Force:

Rueben Berg (WFDF Ultimate Rules Sub-Committee)


  • Admin Perspective and Action:

Meredith Tosta (USAU SOTG Committee)

Richard Moore (Australia)

Danny Saunders (Canada)

Cat Tobiasiewicz-Gale (UK SOTG Committee)

Amberish Jaipuria (UK, WFDF SOTG Committee)

Dan Tapuach (Israel)

Registration and accreditation details

More details regarding registration, accreditation, accommodation, transport, captains meeting and opening ceremony and game.

Registration and accreditation details

Player’s handbook

The venue map, pools, or bus schedule. You can find it all in the Player’s handbook that will also be distributed in printed form upon arrival at the registration desk.

Player’s hanbook

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